The Ultimate Guideline to Online Video Marketing


Video it just a small part of your marketing plan?

The answer is…NO!… Video Marketing is the centre piece used to engage any audience in a successful social media strategy.

Video Marketing isn’t a new idea by any means! Businesses have been using it successfully for a long time.

But since the boom of social media its importance in successful marketing campaigns has continued to increase at a rapid rate! Video Marketing now rules over the social industry; hence, it has become an essential tool for informing your audience about your business, product or services. Video Marketing gives the audience direct insight into who you are and why you’re the best at what you do! Increasing all traffic through your social and online channels!

Recent studies show that every day around 1 billion hours of videos are being watched on YouTube! Can you even start to imagine that?

People watch videos all day long, meaning it is now the easiest way for any business to deliver their messages succinctly and clearly… and it works!

Hopefully by now you can see now the true value of Online Video Marketing to any business model.

If by now you are not yet convinced, then feel free to scroll and read the full article. We promise you will begin to understand all the ins and outs of any Online Video Marketing strategy.

What is Video Marketing?


Video Marketing’s main purpose is to promote your services or products through video content. Businesses create videos so that they can easily reach out to their customers and engage with them face to face. Sometimes we hear the proverb, “a picture says more than a thousand words”, then imagine how much a video can say!

Video Marketing is a format that is easy to digest. Because it’s engaging, flexible and allows us to see real-life snapshots into your business. Once created it is also unbelievably easy to share across multiple channels and devices. People can watch your video all day long on any of their devices!

Video Marketing can give massive returns to any business when done correctly! If it is direct and to the point!

Why Video Marketing

Video Marketing has become a social conversational piece and has become an easy way to measure engagement and conversion. These days customers love to watch video content rather than other types of content. Because –

  • Videos are useful and attractive
  • Entertaining and engaging
  • Deliver your messages directly
  • Provide useful information related to products and services
  • Accessible to an unlimited amount of viewers

When you place a video on your landing pages it converts more than 80% of people capturing your visitor’s attention. Videos help buyers make decisions about what to buy and what not to, and clearly explain the product or service in detail. In this way, the customer can learn about your product or service and compare them with others, giving buyers the ability to truly choose what’s best for them.

Videos tell a story within minutes and convert the viewer to understand the message, compelling them to make a purchase.

That’s why Video Marketing is a must for every business. Don’t think about it too much, just click the contact button, let’s chat and discuss what type of Online Marketing videos you may need and join our list of successful businesses.

The Top 7 Types of Marketing Videos


We at AdMediaPro offer many types of marketing videos – and promise a precise assessment of what you need most!

Here are some of our most popular types of marketing videos –

  1. Brand videos
  2. Demo videos
  3. Explainer videos
  4. Event videos
  5. Expert interviews
  6. Educational videos
  7. Animated videos

Brand Videos:

They are the latest and freshest form of advertising. If these types of videos are created properly, people love watching them. Brand Videos leave a lasting impression on the viewer, engaging and informing them whilst increasing your conversion. These types of videos range from 3 seconds to 90 minutes. When the video content and brand message are on point, viewers can’t help but want to know more about your business, and it becomes a win-win situation for both the business and your audience.

Demo Videos: 

These types of videos are created to explain how your product or service works. These videos range from the unboxing of your product to the solving of any common questions related to your product or service. This type of video is informative and enjoyable. Demo videos tell a story by keeping in mind how customers interact with your product or service.

Explainer Videos:

These videos are created in order to explain to the customer why they need your product or service. In a nutshell, this type of video can answer customer’s questions such as-

  • What benefits the customer can expect to enjoy
  • Why they should believe in your product or service
  • Why your product or service is better than your competitors

Explainer videos give answers to all the big questions so that your customers can get direct answers to all of their questions.

Event Videos:

Event Videos: When you have a business it’s obvious you sometimes need to host a conference, a Christmas party, or a round-table meeting. You can take it as a chance to capture and increase your brand awareness whilst building a stronger relationship with your workers. Event videos help highlights the relationship between co-workers or interesting events that happen at your event or gathering. These types of videos give customers a look into your community.

Expert Interview Videos:

Taking interviews from experts and leaders involved in your industry is a fantastic way of building trust and influence with your targeted traffic. Find the experts in your industry, share their point of view, and ask the important questions and discuss those answers. When you capture these discussions, it becomes an expert interview video.

Educational Videos:

These videos teach us lessons and allow us to learn at a faster rate, we call them educational videos. These types of videos are used to provide video lessons to your audience on any topic that they might want to know more about.

Animated Videos:

A video that is created with a series of images, frames or cartoons is a video animation. When learning is visual, it becomes more attractive and the information presented through the animations becomes more acceptable to the viewers. The interesting thing is that our brain responds 60000x faster when the information is visual and not just text based!


Video Marketing is the tool for you!

This was only a small intro into Online Video Marketing! We at AdMediaPro hope you now have a much clearer understanding as to how you can join the many businesses, we have helped successfully increase their conversion rate through video marketing.

AdMediaPro exists to create only the most effective videos for your business. Why wait any longer? contact us so we can start the conversation and assess how best to increase business through any and all types of Online Video Marketing!



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